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Data Visualization and Reporting

Helping Business Leveraging Data By Providing Excellent Data Visualization Services

With the surge of data and big investments in infrastructure and technologies, companies want to leverage the value and insights hidden in their data to make better business decisions. Data visualization is key in transforming business strategy to reality as it allows understanding where a company or division needs to focus.

NCPL implements enhanced data visualization practices built over years of experience with some of the world’s most advanced corporations.NCPL clients have been able to leverage our expertise to focus on building timely, robust, insightful analytics based strategies across sales, marketing, product and customer engagement, and our data visualization support has been critical in driving their success.



Your end business users are delivered easy-to-interpret, highly valuable and actionable data and intelligence to enable them to zero in on the highest value strategic activities


Significantly expanded adoption and usage of data visualization and analytics tools through best of breed execution, leading to true realized ROI on technology investments


Skilled resources and structured process drive your organization towards a disciplined culture of data and analytics

How Is It Being Used?

Regardless of industry or size, all types of businesses are using data visualization to help make sense of their data. Here’s how.

Comprehend information quickly

By using graphical representations of business information, businesses are able to see large amounts of data in clear, cohesive ways – and draw conclusions from that information. And since it’s significantly faster to analyze information in graphical format (as opposed to analyzing information in spreadsheets), businesses can address problems or answer questions in a more timely manner.

Pinpoint emerging trends

Using data visualization to discover trends – both in the business and in the market – can give businesses an edge over the competition, and ultimately affect the bottom line. It’s easy to spot outliers that affect product quality or customer churn, and address issues before they become bigger problems.

Identify relationships and patterns

Even extensive amounts of complicated data start to make sense when presented graphically; businesses can recognize parameters that are highly correlated. Some of the correlations will be obvious, but others won’t. Identifying those relationships helps organizations focus on areas most likely to influence their most important goals.

Communicate the story to others

Once a business has uncovered new insights from visual analytics, the next step is to communicate those insights to others. Using charts, graphs or other visually impactful representations of data is important in this step because it’s engaging and gets the message across quickly.



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