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Explore the Power of Big Data with NCPL

We combine extensive experience with innovative approach to Big Data storage, analysis and processing techniques, to effectively use large amounts of structured and unstructured data from various sources. NCPL  provides integrated customized Big Data Infrastructure Management Solutions, Application development, Analytics services across domains which help clients to maximize the operational efficiency and revenue.

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NCPL finest developers in the area of Big Data

Big Data is a next big phenomenon in the tech world and hence is the right choice to move with. We help you make your network smarter and actionable, to help you achieve your business goal. We can help you know the basic features of Big Data and the advantages of migrating to cloud with a positive impact on the entire business. Our deep commitment to our customers define the way we do business and it forms the basis of our customer satisfaction and transforms the way our clients do business.

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Data Pipelining

Data Pipeline is an embedded data processing engine for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is an umbrella term that includes the applications, infrastructure and tools

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques.

Real Time Analytics

Real-time analytics is the use of, or the capacity to use, data and related resources as soon as the data enters the system.


R is an open source programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Data Visualization

This is a general term that describes any effort to help people understand the significance of Data Visualization.

Big Data Analytics

This is the process of examining large and varied data sets — i.e., big data — to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations

Analytics Setup

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Our Proficiency

We add significant value and competitive advantage to the data collected from various sources. It is difficult to process large volumes of data using database management tools and hence we help you to explore the benefits of Big Data. Our solutions are cost effective, secure and address specific business needs. We deliver customized solutions to a wide range of clients with different business verticals.

Competitive Pricing

Leverage our expertise to architect, deploy and optimize your cloud, security, mobility and big data transformations. It's easy to manage

Proven Methodologies

Evolve to a modern IT consumption model with the flexibility to keep your IT innovative and efficient as business needs change.

Confidentiality and Security

Find precisely the support you need – from a single NCPL product to large, multi-vendor data centers and complete hybrid cloud solutions.

24/7 Technical Support

Give your employees the skills they need to boost productivity and take maximum advantage of new technology investments.

Have Some Questions?

What is data analytics?
Data Analytics is about understanding your data and using that knowledge to drive actions. It reveals the trends and outlives within the data which might be otherwise difficult to note. It is a scientific way to convert raw data into information that helps guide difficult decisions.
What can analytics do for my business?
Businesses are using analytics to make more informed decisions and to plan ahead. It helps businesses to uncover opportunities which are visible only through an analytical lens. Analytics helps companies to decipher trends, patterns and relationships within data to explain, predict and react to a market phenomenon.
Where can I get analytics help?
Building analytics function requires long term commitment and extensive resources. An organization has an option to seek analytical help from in-house resources or from outside analytical vendors or use both in parallel.
What kind of data is needed for analysis?
Data is the most important resource for any analytics project hence the business should make sure that it captures its business and customer data in a structured manner. This will ensure that company has all the relevant data in the most usable form and can help the project move along quickly.
How much does data analytics costs?
For analytical needs, an organization can decide to use data analysis softwares like SAS or SPSS, seek help from custom consulting companies like IQR Consulting or even build data analytic capabilities in-house. Today companies are even using a combination of the above.

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