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Advanced Data Analytics

Autonomous or semi-autonomous examination of data or content using sophisticated techniques and tools.

Our Advanced Analytics delivers parallelised in-database implementations of data mining algorithms and integration with open sources, R. Data analysts use Data Miner GUI and R to build and evaluate predictive models and leverage R packages and graphs. Our developers deploy  Advanced Analytics models using SQL data mining functions. With the Our Advanced Analytics option, NCPL extends the Database to an scalable analytical platform that mines more data and data types, eliminates data movement, and preserves security to anticipate customer behaviour, detect patterns, and deliver actionable insights. Our Big Data SQL adds new big data sources and  Advanced Analytics for Hadoop provides algorithms that run on Hadoop.

Our Advanced Analytics, a combination of  Data Mining and  R Enterprise, delivers predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, statistical analysis, advanced numerical computations and interactive graphics inside the database. It brings powerful computations to the database resulting in dramatic improvements in information discovery, scalability, security, and savings. Data analysts, data scientists, statistical programmers, application developers and DBAs can develop and automate sophisticated analytical methodologies inside the database and gain competitive advantage.

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Data Scientists, Business Analysts and IT

Graphical User Interfaces of Data Miner an extension to our SQL Developer, provides data analysts with a workflow environment for data exploration, model building and development of analytical methodologies. Once the data analyst is satisfied with their analytical methodology, our Data Miner can generate SQL scripts for immediate in-database enterprise deployment—saving time and money.

SQL, PL/SQL and R APIs Algorithms are accessible by SQL and R APIs, Oracle Data Miner and IDEs (RStudio, etc.). Building and deploying predictive models within the enterprise is fast and easy. 

NCPL is equipped with where-with-all to handle your data analytics projects.


Performance and Scalability

All data management, preparation and transformations, model building and model scoring run as database processes.

Fastest Way to Deliver Enterprise

The database becomes the scalable and secure platform for delivering predictions and insights to BI dashboards and Applications.

Lowest Total Costs

Lowest Total Costs of Ownership No need for separate analytical servers.