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Data Management Service

Rreduces the risks that arise from poor quality data and its impact on business value

Data conversion and validation


Once the Migration of historical data is complete, our team of analysts will validate the integrity of data migrated from your current database to your new system database. Validation can be performed via remote access to both the legacy system and new database. A sampling plan is generated to include all of the data fields you have determined to require validation.

The sampling plan will include client selected “problem” records as well as randomly selected sample records. The record selection is designed to validate all critical translation data included in the migration.


NCPL is equipped with where-with-all to handle your data analytics projects.


Data Analysis and Visualization


Data visualization turns raw data into meaning and meaning into understanding. Business Intelligence takes technology and translates it into the words of the business world. Together, these revolutionary tech applications clearly address your toughest questions.

  • Build industry-specific templates
  • Design executive summary dashboards
  • Get data-driven insights as they occur
  • Access results fast with in-memory visualization
  • Develop action plans based on clearly presented data
  • Access dashboards on mobile devices

Data Processing with Scripting


Data processing is simply the conversion of raw data to meaningful information through a process. Data is manipulated to produce results that lead to a resolution of a problem or improvement of an existing situation. Similar to a production process, it follows a cycle where inputs (raw data) are fed to a process (computer systems, software, etc.) to produce output (information and insights).

Generally, organizations employ computer systems to carry out a series of operations on the data in order to present, interpret, or obtain information. The process includes activities like data entry, summary, calculation, storage, etc. Useful and informative output is presented in various appropriate forms such as diagrams, reports, graphics, etc

NCPL-Data Ingestion and Integration

Data Ingestion and Integration


The power of Big Data is multiplied manifold when different data sources are combined. We have the technical and business knowhow required to efficiently and effectively combine various data sources. Clients receive analytics ready data that is primed to deliver insights and drive decisions.

  • Pull data from a variety of sources
  • Combine technological and business information
  • Implement a hybrid architecture
  • Get an in-depth look at the whole company
  • Explore more Data Integration services


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