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Shopper Insights Analysis

Helps recapture customers and market share.


This CPG company conducts monthly consumption surveys from a panel of tens of thousands households across the U.S. for over thousand brands. In addition, it has detailed demographic data of its customers, including income, socio-economic status, geography, and media habits.

Our analyst’s key task was to understand which shoppers were abandoning the client’s brand, which brands they were now embracing, and most importantly, why.

Early in our analysis, we discovered the client was making decisions based on a faulty assumption about the data they were gathering. “Fractal helped us realize that the panel was not a representative sample of the population,” said the client. “That was a real game changer.”

To correct this error, our analysis and findings were weighted to represent the actual population distribution by both the customers’ cities and their socio-economic status.

Next, the company’s data was extracted, manipulated, and seamlessly integrated with the corrected demographic and socio-economic data.

Then, the entire process was automated to substantially compress delivery timelines for future studies. Once completed, we looked at the data for ways to effectively promote the brand and regain market share.

The Key Questions We Asked

To test various hypothesis, we examined the data for answers to these specific questions:

  • In which markets is the brand growing and where is it losing market share?
  • Are shoppers purchasing less or are they switching away from the brand entirely?
  • What is the shopper profile of those who are migrating, and which brands are they purchasing?
  • Which promotion opportunities can the brand capitalize to grow?
  • How does purchase demand relate to price changes?


NCPL was able to provide the client with a detailed profile of customers who were leaving the brand and explain why they were switching to a competitor. “The insights provided by NCPL enabled us to effectively redesign our pricing and promotion strategies,” said the client’s VP of Marketing. “Having this information enabled us to regain our competitive edge. We’re thrilled to be the leader in our category once again.

NCPL is equipped with where-with-all to handle your data analytics projects.

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