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Case Studies

Our work speaks to our ability to deliver compelling mobile experiences your users will love.

Forecasting Product Sales

Product forecasting helps global technology company plan strategy.

Our client was looking to expand their products into two emerging markets. However, they needed critical information to support their strategic planning and aggressive sales goals. Some of the key questions that needed to be answered included:

What is the market opportunity for the next five years?

How does each country’s socio-economic structure contribute to this opportunity?

How do the social classes differ in terms of mobile adoption, behaviors and pricing?

What are the marketing implications and recommendations for each market?


Shopper Insights Analysis

Shopper Insights analysis helps recapture customers and market share

What can you do when customers start defecting from your once-favored retail brand by the thousands? For this particular product, the situation was especially puzzling because it had been a category leader for years. While the company had ample data, it lacked the technical expertise to extract and analyze pertinent information.

So they trusted Fractal Analytics to interpret the data, help them understand why they were losing market share, and find the path to recapture and retain their customers.

NCPL- leveraging_data_management

Leveraging Data Management

Optimize our supply chain operation

How can we leverage data to optimize our supply chain operation?The client optimized vehicle fill rates, rebalanced inventory levels at default distribution centers, and reduced overall cost of sub-optimal shipping situations.

A large retailer was struggling with specific distribution and shipping challenges related to outlier shipments, such as out-of-region shipments, small orders, inadequate inventory supplies at default locations and other sub-optimal shipping situations.


NCPL is equipped with where-with-all to handle your data analytics projects.