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Data Analytics and Management

Data Analytics and Management

NCPL Inc., offers analytics consulting to solve business problems.

Understanding data brings business advantages: reduced costs, improved decision-making process, easier solutions & services launch

Our multi skilled team of Consultants, Analysts, Data Scientists, & UI/UX Experts build statistical and AI/ML models , R and Python to move you up the ladder of analytics maturity:

  1. Prescriptive: AI / ML models, Optimization, Scenario planning, Data driven decision making leading to data products, data validated actions, and higher rate of success of strategic initiatives
  2. Predictive: Statistical Analysis, Segmentation, Decision Trees, Cause-effect modeling leading to support for strategic initiatives, forward looking decision making
  3. Diagnostic: Causal Analysis, Benchmarking and multi-dimensional analysis leading to improvements from status quo, data backed management
  4. Descriptive: Operational Reporting for efficiency and compliance leading to process gap identification and a data culture

How we do it

  • Audit current state of Big Data including data sources and data infrastructure. We carefully examine the roles in the company responsible for working with data.
  • Consult on getting rid of data clutter, making adjustments to product architecture and data infrastructure, and developing the right algorithms.
  • Tools setup We configure tools that cater to Big Data including tools for engineers that work with data and business intelligence tools for data analysts.
  • Educate & Coach your technical leaders on how to best use big data to improve your business through the use of various cutting-edge methods, techniques and software.


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