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NCPL is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company which adheres to CMMI Level 3 process. I myself a lead auditor and acted as ATM for CMMI process insists on importance of Quality and implementing the quality process in our organization. We had a team of six who are certified Internal Auditors takes care of complete Quality process over viewing the implementation in our organization. This helps our clients to get a defect free product at the end of the day which results in our client satisfaction. We are always on our toes to give our best to our clients with high quality deliverables and easily available all the year round the clock for any assistance in handling the critical issues.With NCPL, with you, you can assure of peace of mind as we are here to strive to give the best quality product. Spare sometime to check our profile at www.ncplinc.com

Our working principles:•
We lend our ears to listen to our client…Understand them what they want. Explain them what they are expecting. This helps our clients and NCPL in the future to avoid any complexities as both parties are clear of what they want.
• Look at the past experiences and we try to improvise for a better delivery model.
• We award the good services and continuously work on improving our services for the betterment of work culture.
• We use staff meetings as platform to have fun and also to inculcate new ideas and good elements of technology into teams.
• We make our staff feel part of the success and growth of NCPL.
• Lead by example. Show respect to every employee at every level in the organization.
• Give your staff a reason to come and work with a big smile on their face. Award them if they achieve anything good that helped company to gain benefit. This motivates them to be part of the company’s success. This shows how you care your employees.

You can always email me at sales@ncplinc.com with any queries about our quality process. I will respond you in next 12 hours.

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