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Sympler is a video-mixing app. If you can tap out a beat you can tap out a video. Select music as well as video and stills from your camera roll or shoot it live and load them into a simple grid. You can even mix together Vines and Instagrams. Once in the grid you can mix them together simply by tapping each tile in time with the music. This automatically generates a fully edited video in seconds.

1. Fill up to six grid boxes with video or stills
2. Get this content by either shooting it or selecting from your phone's libraries
3. You can even use other apps' content like Vine or Instagram to make mixes
4. Adjust the start point of your content by sliding the seek bar back and forth
5. Select music from your iTunes and also choose the start point on your track
6. Start mixing! You have 20 seconds but you can hit 'finish' earlier if you want
7. Tip: The best videos have great timing
8. Once you're happy with your mix hit the 'check' mark and then 'share'
9. Hit 'X' if you want to remix it.

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