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Stars and Stripes


The Stars and Stripes Military News app offers you quick on-the-go access to the best reporting on U.S. military-related news and information. Get an insider's view with an independent perspective from Stars and Stripes.

** Have an iPad? Check out the Stars and Stripes Tablet Edition on the App Store **

Whether you're active duty, reserve, retired, DoD civilian or a concerned citizen or family member, Stripes delivers the military news and information that matters the most to you. Stripes offers First-Amendment protected, objective reporting when and where you need it.

App Features:
• Always updated and unique reporting from Stars and Stripes journalists located around the world and embedded with our troops.
• Engaging photography captured by Stripes photojournalists.
• Twelve categories of content from Veterans to the latest from Europe and Pacific news.
• Easily customize the order the categories appear.
• See the Most Read articles from Stripes.com.
• Quickly share news with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and email.
• 5-day local weather, no matter where in the world you find yourself.
• Real-time comments from across all our apps and website.
• Stars and Stripes' insight – unlike any other independent source for U.S. military news.
• Designed for iOS 7 and earlier.

** Have questions or suggestions? Please contact us at iPhoneFeedback@stripes.com. **

An Independent Perspective
News apps may be a dime a dozen – but an app from the only news media organization inside the U.S. Department of Defense that enjoys First Amendment privileges is a different story. Other DoD media report only what the government says – only Stars and Stripes reports on military issues and events from an independent perspective, relying on multiple sources, not just the command’s point of view.

An Illustrious History
Reporting continuously since 1942, Stars and Stripes has covered every major conflict since World War II. Stripes reporters have served alongside American soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen in Korea, Vietnam, the first Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo. They embed with military units and on Navy ships to cover the conflicts and wars around the world, and still report from Afghanistan.

** Providing you with the best experience is our top priority. Send feedback to iPhoneFeedback@stripes.com. **

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