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Whether you’re traveling around the world, or out and about around town, GeoCraze makes it fun and easy to share location-based updates and photos with your Facebook friends and others. GeoCraze allows you to capture and share Crazes with your friends and community with a Facebook integrated iPhone, Android, and web-based social application.
What is a “Craze”? A Craze is any part of your world you want to make a part of your friends’ world. A Craze includes photos and text, your geographic location displayed on an interactive map if you so desire, and current weather conditions.
GeoCraze is all about you sharing your memories and special moments with your community. Going on a ski trip? Create a Craze from the top of the mountain! At a concert? Create a Craze and share your location and photos of your favorite band! On vacation? Share the memories of your vacation with your friends! Because GeoCraze is integrated with Facebook, signing in and managing your account is a breeze.
GeoCraze is the App which says “I’ve been there, done that” and which chronicles your journey to your friends!
Key features include:
Create a Craze – Crazes can include some or all of the details you want to share with your friends such as photos, location, description, date, weather, and more. Create all of the Crazes you want in an offline mode and have them be uploaded later when internet connectivity is available.
My Crazes – View all of the Crazes you’ve created in one place.

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