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Expense Tracker


DEMO - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzlW9CTYPbg

Money Care is a simple, easy and useful app to take control of personal finances. You manage your expenses and income and can check quickly your financial status in current month and next months. Furthermore you count with many reports to do an detailed analysis of your transactions by category, account or monthly.


✔ Optimized for iOS 4.0 and retina display graphics

✔ Wheel menu, interactive and easy access

✔ Smart filter. Filter quickly your transactions

✔ Current progress, total expenses, total revenues, previous balance and current balance

✔ Group transactions list by category, account or day

✔ Context menu in transactions list (Duplicate, delete and change status)

✔ Transaction status indicator (Paid, unpaid and delayed)

✔ Interactive month navigation

✔ Create categories for your transactions

✔ Create accounts for your transactions

✔ Transfer between accounts

✔ Recurrent transactions (Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly), splited or fixed

✔ Customized categories with color indicator

✔ Balance by accounts

✔ Autopay setting

✔ Scroll transactions list to current day setting

✔ Autocomplete in transaction note field

✔ Charts (Bar and Pie)
- Expenses by category
- Income by category
- Expenses by account
- Income by account
- Expenses per month
- Income by month
- Income x Expenses

✔ Application reset

✔ Password protection

✔ Text input case setting (Uppercase or normal)

✔ Balance rollover setting

✔ Consider just done setting (Consider to balance only done transactions)

✔ Notifications reminder

✔ Backup/Restore

✔ Excel exporting (CSV)

✔ Languages: English and Portuguese

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