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Buienradar has launched a complete new version of her app. After talks and tests with users we have come to a new and modern interface to support more functionality, easier and faster to use as a daily life tool. You can swipe easily through the weather information to the information of your needs. You can personalize your startscreens with your most needed weather information and preferred cities.Of course the rainradar has a central focus of the app, with 2 hours rainforecast, options to zoomin on your gps location or location of your choice and a detailed rainforecast on streetlevel.New in the app are detailed local weather predictions, weather video's, social features and the possibility to upload your weather pictures.
The app is optimized as far as possible to the performance of your phone. You can change the quality of the maps and use preloading of animation to improve speed. Depending on your phone and network this however can really change the performance of the app and data traffic. This version is a start of more to come. Already we are working on future update with extended functionality.

An update of the tablet version is planned for later in the year.
The tablet version can be found here: https://market.android.com/details?id=nl.thewidgetcompany.buienradar
In the new app we ask for the following permissions:

Your location:
- to be able to give the most exact rain prediction availible (accurate by 1kmxkm)

With this we read the ID of your phone for statistics, alerts and ads.

To see if you are on wifi/3G to see if we can send data and optimize performance

With this we prevent that the phone goes to sleep while using the app

We store used mapps for faster usage and less datatraffic

Your accounts
When uploading your picture we read your emailadres to upload it to Buienradar

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