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The Non-developer’s Guide to Hiring Android Developers

The Non-developer’s Guide to Hiring Android Developers

The mobile economy is growing at an exponential rate. This exponential increase in growth has brought about a fierce competition for talented mobile Android app developers across the globe. Great start-up ideas meet huge roadblocks. How does a non-developer go about hiring an Android app developer?

As a non-developer, trying to figure out what makes a good Android app developer can be challenging at times. To keep the ideas and projects flowing, enterprises face the challenge of hiring and training Android app developers to handle mobile app projects using new technologies. Android software development had been a decade old industry and hence finding the right Android app developer is a simpler task as compared to other platforms.

Android developers dominate the mobile talent pool at 72%.
A total number of mobile app developers globally – 8.7M.

The mobile market is growing rapidly and by 2020 the world is expected to see 4.6 million unique mobile subscribers. Attracting and hiring a great programmer for your company is difficult but it is not impossible. There are few tested and tried steps to getting the right Android app developer for your team – guaranteed to make the hiring process a whole lot easier.

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