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Development Models

Development Models

NCPL’s Development Models at a Glance

AT NCPL Inc., our software development models is based on following the best industrial practices in a modern agile methodology. We offer services through hybrid, remote and on-site development team structure. Our project managers have the knowledge of every facet that contributes to making the development process smooth and productive.

Given below are the models we work around:

  • FULL Stack Development
  • MEAN Stack Development
  • LAMP Stack Development
  • WAMP Stack Development
  • Agile Centric Development
  • Iterative Development

FULL Stack Development

Today, all app users want an interface that is offers tailored information and is simply interactive. We understand that to achieve this, you must create applications that are scalable and easy to deploy. Our team focuses on delivering the finest full stack development services, which can help you, develop enthralling mobile applications and slick software.  We treat full stack development to be more than just technology. We see it as an innovation, an art, and a leeway that helps you devise apps, which meet customer expectations.

MEAN Stack Development

MEAN stack is an influential, full-stack JavaScript solution, which comprises of four building chunks: MongoDB as the database, AngularJS as the web client framework, Node.js as the server platform, Express as the web server framework. When you decide on using MEAN Stack Development, our team of developers will help you get started. They have a rigorous and extensive experience on hands.

LAMP Stack Development

Our experienced professionals offer cutting-edge LAMP programming services customized as per the needs and requirements of a client. We have an expertise in handling simple and complex projects for a wide group of globally based clients.

WAMP Stack Development

Our WAMP Stack Developers will guide you through the process of designing a brilliant interface for your users. They make the best use of open source technologies to deliver wonderful results before you.

Agile Centric Development

Agile Development is at the heart of service development and all the planning level. We see it as an essential foundation block for delivering customer value. With our agile-centric development service you can lay hands on a framework that surpasses all competing ones with ease.

Iterative Development

Under iterative development we sub-divide the large application into smaller chunks. With every iteration, we aim at delivering additional features and designs to the clients. The ultimate aim remains to deliver an app that is tested and fully functional.

Make the most of our development models and tap into a brand new world of mobile app development.

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