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The Non-developer’s Guide to Hiring Android Developers

The mobile economy is growing at an exponential rate. This exponential increase in growth has brought about a fierce competition for talented mobile Android app developers across the globe. Great start-up ideas meet huge roadblocks. How does a non-developer go about hiring an Android app developer? As a non-developer, trying to figure out what makes a...
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Why Enterprises Prefer App Development in Swift?

The eye-catching surge in the smartphone users has encouraged entrepreneurs to take the ‘BIG’ step of shifting from desktop to mobile devices. Considered as one of the most flourishing business areas, enterprise mobile app development has immensely revolutionized the way business tasks are executed. Since the launch of this new programming language, Swift app development...
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6 Tips to Hire a Dedicated Developer

In today’s competitive mobile market, app development is playing an increasingly significant role. So if you have an app idea and want to get it developed fast, you will have to determine your app development requirements in the first place. There is a lot that goes into a mobile app development project. Hence, it is...
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