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Continuous Integration and Delivery

Improve reliability and speed of your release process

Disrupt Continuously

Whether you’re big or small tech venture it’s always painful and bumpy road to getting software released on time. Users are severely judging you by voting with their wallets and loyalty, choosing a competitive offering. Smooth software delivery is a paramount to thrive in a fast-pace growing IT market.

Now it’s time to embrace the next paradigm that will enable your enterprise to better support your customers’ constantly increasing product and service expectations: DevOps. Think of DevOps, if you will, as Agile development for infrastructure. Just as Agile development provides your app development team with the keys to rapid iteration and delivery, DevOps connects your operations team with a way to keep up with that new programming model — a way, in fact, for that group to break out of ponderous and manual change-control methodologies that are better matched to waterfall development practices.



Striving to fast time-to-market means fighting against long release cycle and long post-production tail in the background. It ultimately sets in danger overall agile efficiency and undermines product reliability.


Continuous integration and delivery helps organizations to become lean and agile just like smaller startups. Enterprise level CI/CD solution – a simple and highly flexible tool for a better deployment efficiency. It’s made easy to integrate either from scratch or to catch up from in the middle if you already started doing so on your own.


Full Cycle Services


We’ll assess your current state of integration & delivery pipeline. This will help determine what efficiencies can be achieved by integrating a solution.


Regardless your engineering level, we’ll offer you easy-to-use architecture solution and tools to ensure a seamless deployment process.


We’ll develop and integrate a solution tailored to your specific business & technical requirements.


“How to” training session will guide your engineers through the management process, helping them learn how to operate the solution.

Typical Project

1.  Interview your team to clarify the current state of key technical and vital business metrics such as Release cycle length, Cost of release, Cost of production incident.

2. We work together defining the optimal metric benchmarks.

3. Facilitate management buy-in and improve communication between operations, developers and business teams.

4. Apply easy to deploy services and prepared templates which help deliver quick results.

5. Proceed with continuous delivery platform integration and implementation of actual pipelines.

6. Guide & coach your team, fine tune the process and tools to achieve the optimal metrics.


Shorten software release cycle

Increased deployment transparency

Automate manual processes

Decreased number of production incidents

Reduced TCO of support team

Minimize product downtime

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