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24/7 DevOps

You want your site to be secure so you can focus on running a great company. We provide 24/7 devops so you can do just that.

NCPL is DevOps

DevOps. Tech Ops. Enterprise Security. Cyber Cryctionation Buzzwords. It all sounds a bit like a Hogwarts to many but the clear reality is that our fair company loves to keep sites healthy, online, and free of any problems. At NCPL, we provide the benefits of building your own DevOps / TechOps / Security Team, but we are a fraction of the price and will happily work nights and weekends (24/7 support). Read a few of our customer bios reviews or check out our free DevOps Coaching to help you get to know NCPL and see if we are the right fit.



NCPL is a 24/7 full stack DevOps management provider. Simply put, we help hundreds of organizations focus on doing what they love while we handle security, reliability, and performance issues. We manage sites and apps in the cloud of your choice (or your own datacenter).


Run a site or application and want to have our team on your side? We would love to hear from you. See our contact page or call us at +1 647-694-0750

Quality Pricing

Our pricing is about 1/3 of what it would cost to hire a full-time DevOps employee, and we monitor and provide Colorado-based support 24/7. Check out our pricing page to see if we are a great fit!

NCPL Features

Websites go down, key employees leave, security patches are announced, and crises happen. We can help.

OpsBot is 24/7 full stack support. We work with high-end, top 50 world-wide highest traffic websites, hospitals, universities, and a lot of places where security really matters.

If your site is currently going through an emergency, we can help. Contact us or call us at +1 647-694-0750 and we can get started.


Full Stack Management

You should select the technology that best fits your business, not your hosting provider. The NCPL team is comfortable with all of your technology, from the Linux kernel to the Javascript framework du-jour.


Unlimited Load Testing

Our suite of capacity and performance testing tools is available for unlimited use against your OpsBot-managed site, app, or API.


High-Availability Architecture

NCPL can manage your site and infrastructure on the public or private cloud of your choice, but we especially love AWS, RackSpace, DigitalOcean, and VMware


24x7x365 Tier 3 Support

We monitor all tiers of your application, and you can always reach a real engineer in Boulder, Colorado, for emergency support.


Configuration Management

We implement and support the config management tool that best fits your team: Puppet, Chef, Salt, or Ansible.


Instant DevOps Toolbox

Get a handle on your environment with leading DevOps tools on day one, including Docker, Jenkins, Graylog2/ELK, Icinga/Nagios, Graphite, CollectD.

Is your team interested in deploying or migrating to a cloud environment?

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