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It’s Your Business, and it’s ours too.

Configure Multiple Programs to Share Enterprise Data on Cloud

At NCPL we focus on simplifying the process of connecting and automating the integration of all your enterprise data and business applications. Our Cloud Integration Services can help you with data, application and process integration needs in a standardized manner.

Cloud integration technology allows core enterprise systems to share data while dealing with different data. Our Cloud integration solutions would be able to support a variety of integration flows, moving in both directions across the cloud and the enterprise. Developing and deploying applications on cloud requires a careful planning of integration with other on-premises or cloud softwares. Cloud integration platform helps system integrators, to deliver business values to clients by reducing time on coding. Our expertise makes sure that your environments run effortlessly and efficiently.

NCPL-Cloud -Service

A platform to manage enterprise workloads across any cloud or infrastructure.

Our Proficiency

We help you build a comprehensive enterprise integration strategy involving cloud integration. NCPL provide the most widely used integration platform for connecting any application and data source whether in the cloud or on-premises. Our services includes Cloud based integration having faster development and deployment cycles as we seamlessly integrate all types of applications – those hosted on public and private cloud.

Server Migrations

We do this very well without disturbing the security and balance of the server.

Infrastructure Management

We are experts in high load system architecture up to 5 million CAD in 24/7 environments.

Cloud Migrations

We have Network architects for migrations/new setups involving cloud projects.

Amazon AWS

We have Amazon certified AWS Solutions Architect Associates, Jenkins Certified Engineers

DevOps Consulting

We at NCPL consult your organization for end to end DevOps processes.

Automation Strategy

As a part of Strategy preparation, an Automation Maturity Assessment Service

Build and Release

NCPL has experience in automating software build, release and deployment processes.

Continuous Integration

We are specialized in the implementation of continuous integration solutions.

Cloud Automation

We at NCPL have excellent and experienced cloud automation engineers

Microsoft Azure

We have multiple years of architecture and hands-on experience with Azure

Cloud Consulting

With more than 14 years experience of working, we have Certified AWS Solutions Architects

Cloud Adoption

We at NCPL focus on helping organizations remove barriers to cloud and digital adoption


NCPL has Full-stack, Cloud and DevOps software engineer with 5+ years experience.

Cloud Security

At NCPL, we have Cyber security consultants for a industry leading vendor.

Cloud Solutions

Building Data Driven Applications for Enterprises of all sizes on premises.


We have Senior Linux System Administrators and CloudOps engineers

Google Cloud

We have experience with Google Cloud Platform (App Engine) and its administration

Digital Transformation

We are consultants tinged with technology. We are passionate about creating

Linux Administration

NCPL has professionals with an all-around Linux systems administration.

Windows Server

We have Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) with 16 years of experience

Cloud Strategy

We are advisory consultants who works across the high tech industry with global IT providers.

Continuous Delivery

We're a professional services company focused on DevOps engineering

Test Automation

NCPL has extensive experience in TEST STRATEGY EXECUTION.

Internet of Things

We are experts in IoT. Our model is Development from scratch to the cloud

NCPL Cloud Based Services

  • Decide the right type of cloud-public, private or hybrid.
  • Cloud development and support.
  • Provide feasibility assessment & cloud strategy.
  • Integrating cloud with internal systems.
  • Cloud based solutions at lower upfront cost.
  • Plan for complete migration process.
  • Backend integration & connectivity.
  • Multiple services to meet complex user demands.
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