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Take DevOps and Cloud Consulting

No matter your organization’s size, you’re likely expected to deliver new services and adapt existing ones without disruption

Our managed DevOps consulting services include AWS consulting, infrastructure automation, continuous integration and delivery, assessment, strategy planning, design, framework design and construction, configuration, auto-scripting, stack development and employment, scalable managed systems, systems migration, security assessments, mentoring, coaching, support, systems launch, implementation, and post-launch aftercare



In guiding you through your DevOps initiative, we will help you prioritize, identify gaps and roadblocks, and offer feedback throughout.


Framework Design

Our experts will advise you on processes, tools, and your continuous delivery tool chain.


Infrastructure as Code

We help automate how you build, deploy, and manage your infrastructure.



We’ll set you up with the right monitoring tools, whether you need ongoing cloud platform management, or nuanced performance analysis.


Strategy Planning

We will help you develop your DevOps vision, create a roadmap, and make your DevOps transformation become fully operational.



With an eye toward agility, we create active metrics associated with data response times, CPU usage, load-balance alarms, exceptions, and more.


DevOps Case Studies

Let us help you mitigate risk and assess your budget in the process of becoming agile.


Mentoring and Coaching

To take on an agile development methodology, we will be by your side as you adopt organizational and cultural changes.

Certificates and Partnership Alliances

 We promote the use of best industry practices within the Organization. The certificates and
alliances stand as our testament of quality and excellence

Cloud Consulting

Our advisory model utilizes best practice matrices that lead to repeatable and successful cloud-based engagements. NCPL business framework provides for research, analysis, mentoring, developmental, and operational support elements, encompassed within an enterprise-scale DevOps business construct. At a practical level, the consultancy teaches clients to acknowledge and understand necessary cloud elements, while at the same time, supporting them as they develop and build their own proprietary cloud infrastructures that create faster, globally-relevant commercial values, at reduced cost.


Cloud Operations

Service management, Systems disaster and recovery planning

NCPL-Systems-Migration-and-Operational development

Systems migration and operational development

Necessary cloud POCs and pilot programs, The employment of holistic automation, Hybrid cloud applications, Migrations

NCPL-Business -Rules-and-Security-Policies

Business rules and security policies

Administrivia and necessary security controls, Security technologies and operational assessments.

NCPL-DevOps -Implementation-and- Methodological

DevOps implementation and methodological constructs

Maturity assessments, Automated development services


Applications integration

Readiness assessments, Cloud-based topological references, Capabilities, Roadmapping and planning


Economics and feasibility associated cloud values

Benefits, Enterprise goal-setting, Infrastructure feasibility and readiness, Functional resources alignment, ROI/TCO validation

Is your team interested in deploying or migrating to a cloud environment?

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