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Big Data & Analytics

Big Data and Analytics

If you have been looking for the most impactful data analytics solutions, NCPL’s Big Data services are just for you. As an organization, we have the capability to provide you with improvement details by using tools and solutions that increase the overall service quality, reduce the costs, fulfill mandates, and regulate compliance related to privacy and security.


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Big Data Consulting

Consultation services based on verified and tested strategies, which provide a evenhanded recommendations, architecture prototypes and implementation charts.

Big Data Implementation

We deliver operative and scalable Big Data analytics applications that surpass the client’s performance expectation. Our Big Data Implementation phase will help you reduce risks and costs.

Big Data Pipelining

Construct concurrent data pipelines with Kafka, Spark, and Cassandra for data analysis. The pipeline may work perfectly for one user or for a specific case.


Machine Learning

We employ knowledge of advanced algorithms with cross-validation methods to eliminate irrelevant data and recognize vital variables. We aim at deliver lifelike predictions based on our data learning.

Real Time Analytics

Our real-time analytics expertise help enterprises – often involving millions of events per second with fast, sub second processing latency.

Predictive Analytics

In addition to analyzing general trends, we present you with appropriate, unambiguous and valuable information that is actionable at the user level. All this with our Predictive Analytics.

Great Results

Here’s What Our Clients Say

Below are some reviews by the clients who availed our Big Data Analytics Services

We were highly impressed with NCPL Inc's capability to demonstrate complex concepts and package analysis findings. They present the results with unparalleled professionalism. Starting with communication, informing about issues and risks, everything was excellently covered by them. The core team managed and delivered the work on time. Clearly, all their resources are dedicate and take pride in their work. This company hires the best analysts who are the finest at what they do. On the whole, we enjoyed joining hands with NCPL and look ahead to future collaborations.

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