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Case Studies

Here is the list of our success stories to name a few…Please glance at it to see how we handle projects for some of our clients.


Discover new and existing clients near you. Let T3th3r bring business to you. Introduce yourself and make a connection. Arrange for a meeting, sync up your Google and MS Exchange calendars, get business done! Download Case Study


Synchon app helps in managing events for a financial planning company
Professionals who attend the event can chat with each other and share thoughts. The attendance to events is tracked by QA code. Download Case Study


Central Data Storage located in Lincoln, Nebraska is a specialized company offering a superior online backup tool dedicated to serving the needs of dentists, medical practitioners and chiropractors. The company launched at the request of an affiliated company’s (Naomi-DR provides digital sensors) clients who were looking for a secure offsite backup and quick restore supplier for their medical offices. Download Case Study


Borivoj Petrovic Boyan as a individual have an idea about developing a website which assists the end user to develop the website based on the templates generated in this site. Download Case Study


Travis Anthony also refereed as Guru Conde' Butcher based around the NFL and fantasy football. He authors many articles and tweets about football on his site and they are received by the registered geeks of the site. Download Case Study


National Positions is a leading Internet Marketing Agency serving customers worldwide. They combine agency services with world - class campaign execution to deliver superior marketing results for our clients. Download Case Study


Prophet Manasseh goal is simply to provide Orphanages with the means and necessities to empower Orphans through Faith, Education and Health to realize and transform hidden dreams and potentials into realities and success as they grow in their Christian Faith. Download Case Study

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