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SQA and Testing Services

Our Methodology for Software Testing Services
Metrics that we use include Requirements Traceability metrics, Test Progress metrics, Defect
Management metrics, Product Quality metrics, Cost of Quality metrics, and Test Quality metrics.

We offer SQA test methodology ranging from Quality Consulting to Quality Maintenance. This provides you with the ability to select from a range of Software Testing Services or a single service to meet all of your QA and on demand testing needs.

Our test methodology and processes consist of the following:

  • A clear and precise test strategy and plan that provides structured and rigorous testing.
  • Frequent communication and interaction with all stakeholders.
  • Robust industry domain focus.
  • Precise use of in-house frameworks and metrics to accurately improve quality.

Our QA Methodology

Proposal for Testing Services Engagement

We carefully review your organization and the market in which you operate to determine both short-term and long-term strategies for your Software Quality needs. SQA Solution’s collaborative approach to your on-demand software testing issues is optimized when we are able to create a joint vision of the business together. SQA Solution will build a Statement of Work (SOW) that will outline scope, schedule, types of tests, defect management, and test reports.

Knowledge Transfer
With the assistance of your development and support teams, we will analyze the Application Product units in great detail. All associated requirements and design documents will be analyzed for completeness and testability.

Test Preparation
The following stages shall be completed in the test preparation:

  • Define and Build: Based on our analysis, SQA Solution’s personnel will develop test cases for all in-scope features and test types.
  • Review and User Approve: Before the software testing is performed, each Test Case must be approved by the client/users involved in the analysis and design stages. Issues and their resolutions will be documented and saved as proof of the review.
  • Hand-over of Test Cases to Test Engineers: Upon client’s approval of test cases, the test analyst will arrange a follow-up meeting to kick off testing.

Test Execution
The following stages shall be completed in the test execution:

  • Execute Approved Test Cases: All in-scope test cases will be executed in order of priority and we will document test results. SQA Solution will devise and execute test cases for various test types such as black box, white box, functional testing, load/performance testing, and compatibility testing. To provide visibility on the testing progress, SQA Solution will generate daily and/or weekly reports.
  • Review and User Approval: All test results must be approved by the client/users involved in the analysis and design stages. Issues and resolutions will be documented and retained as evidence of the review.
  • Test Report: At the end of testing, SQA Solution will generate a detailed test report that will summarize the following information: which test cases have been executed, how many passed/failed, the issues that have been discovered and logged into the Defect Tracking System, the possible Gaps/Risks, and our recommendations for Go/No Go Decisions.

Defect Management
All failed test cases will be logged into the Defect Tracking System. SQA Solution will host a defect tracking system and test metrics will be generated for our client’s use.

Test Automation
After we have completed the initial execution of each test case, our Automation Team will assess and provide you with a Test Automation Framework for your project. If this framework is inline with your testing priorities, we can implement test scripts for you to cover Basic Acceptance and Regression Testing.

Test Maintenance
Our unique risk-based Software Testing Service approach will help reduce the testing cycle time of your project without compromising the quality.

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