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iPhone Development

NCPL’s team of iPhone developers with their wide experience in iPhone application development has created a strong track record in the latest phone platform – Apple's iPhone. NCPL’s iPhone experts have very good knowledge-rich experience in iPhone application development, and our deep expertise comes as much from experience as from passion.

iPhone development

iPhone Technologies
NCPL’s team of iPhone developers have good experience and knowledge in iPhone application development using iPhone and iPhone-supported technologies, and all the inbuilt features including accelerometers, location service and Multi-Touch interface.
  • Objective-C (obj-C), Xcode.
  • iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch.
  • Accelerometer.
  • Multi-touch (tap, flick and pinch).
  • LBS (Location Based Services).
  • IMPS (Wireless Village 1.3).
  • GPS positioning/location.
  • Web services/Soap/XML.
  • SQLLite, Core Animation, XML/HTTP.
  • Quicktime-based media player – video playback, Core Audio, Core Image, Core Animation, PDF rendering, OpenAL, and OpenGL ES.

iPhone and Systems:

  • Games, gaming and entertainment systems,
  • Productivity tools and systems,
  • Lifestyle and entertainment systems,
  • Social networking/interaction systems,
  • Scheduling systems,
  • Training and evaluation systems.

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